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“Maximize Your Reach, Optimize Your Spend, Drive Instant Results with PPC!”

Paid Advertisement Service, Paid Advertisements are the type of advertisement where any business pays a certain amount to display their adverts on various digital platforms like search engines, social media networks, third-party websites, and more. It helps you to drive more traffic and promote your goods, services, and brand value. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the paid advertisement models of digital marketing. As per the name of the advertisement, Advertisers pay a certain amount each time their ads are clicked. In PPC Advertisement the more your ads get clicked, the more you have to pay. It is one of the fastest ways to drive more traffic and increase the visibility of your website. PPC can help your business to grow by generating leads and enhancing brand awareness. As per the psychology of clients, the more you appear on a digital platform, the more they trust and value your business.

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Steps to Get PPC Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

Initial Setup Fee

IT Arrow Technologies offers a basic PPC ads campaign setup for $400, providing clients with a tailored advertising strategy to kickstart their online presence effectively.

Management Fee

IT Arrow Technologies charges a management fee of 25-30% of the total advertising spend, ensuring ongoing optimization and performance monitoring to maximize ROI for clients.

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Importance of Business Advertising

For Modern Businesses in this modern Era, Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is an essential tool to increase your digital presence and drive more traffic to your website. PPC is well known for its immediate results. Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which takes months to get traffic on your website, PPC Ad Campaigns can get quick traffic once they are live. PPC Ads help you to promote time-sensitive offers like seasonal sales, product launches, Event programs, etc. Moreover, You can control advertising spend and targeted audience in PPC ads which helps you to plan the budget and targeting traffic. It is also a cost-effective method to promote your business as you can pay only after your ads are clicked.